2014 Submissions

Here's a list of the games submitted in 2014 and made publicly available by their creators.
Golden Cobra Anthology 2014

Active Shooter

by Tim Hutchings

(Board game, Live-action or Tabletop Role Play)


In Active Shooter the players take on the role of students involved in a school shooting. Difficult subject matter is addressed with a combination of free role play, voting mechanics, and a simple board game.

Tags: Serious, Everyday life, Relationships

The Adventurers

by Jesper Stein Sandal

(Live-action Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])

A game about the fears and doubts of a group of adventurers as they celebrate on the eve of their first adventure. How will they deal with their new life as soon-to-be heroes, and will we find out who they really are, as they are about to cross the threshold into the life of adventurers?

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy

The Aftermath

by William Nichols

(Live-action Role Play)


The Aftermath explores changes in privilege, power and social expectation due to a short-term physical injury. This mobility impairing injury causes long standing effects social effects, and changes relationships. Using the spoon metaphor, the aftermath explores how one injury changes the lives and relationships of everyone involved.

Tags: Serious, Everyday Life, Relationships

Artist: Unrecognized

by Mads Brynnum

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


An RPG sitcom about stardom, fame, and recognition. The game revolves around a group of likeable, but somewhat awful artists and their petty struggles to be more successful, more famous, or just more something than their peers. They usually fail.

Tag: Comedy

The Bear

by James Ryan

(Live-action Role Play)


The Bear divides players into factions: Prisoners, who time-travel to save the world from nuclear war; Camp Police, who monitor and interrogate the Prisoners; and The Dead, citizens of the past who are unaware of their impending doom. Will players learn enough from one another to prevent their fate?

Tags: Science Fiction, Everyday Life, Dating, Time Travel

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

by Willow Palacek

(Live-action Role Play, Party Game)


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf is a game about a village in the state of crisis, and the villagers willing to do anything to make that crisis go away... and perhaps use it to their advantage. It's about taking a situation that's familiar and digging deeper, turning it on its head. You've probably heard of the popular game Werewolf. What happens if there is no Werewolf, only bad luck and bastards?

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Relationships, Horror, Politics, Party Game


Café Incognito

by Mo Holkar

(Live-action Role Play, Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants])


Café Incognito: that busy, bustling hub where the secret agents of four rival countries mingle and meet. Can you keep your head, and keep your identity secret, while puzzling out the loyalties of your fellows? A yarn-spinning whirlwind of allies, enemies, truth, lies, gossip and garbled codephrases.

Tag: Comedy

Charge of the Light-Bearer

by Dylan Nix

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


Charging of the Light-Bearer is a game of onerous solutions. As elders you are one, but one of you must stand out. None want the blessing of being the new light-bearer, but one must take up the call. Will it be you?

Tags: Serious, Myth, Ritual


Chimerical Defense Force

by Eva Schiffer

(Live-action Role Play, Tabletop Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])

Chimerical Defense Force is a game for 3 to 6 players who take on the roles of chimerical monsters planning the defense of their dungeon home against adventurers.

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Everyday life, Myth


by Jonas Richter

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


Conse|cution is a short, freeform game about persecution and some of its consequences. You play a short story about a family who hides from persecution and flees into exile with the aid of several helpers. The game focuses on the strains endured and the small community forged.

Tags: Comedy, Espionage, Puzzle, Non-Narrative



by Jay Treat

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


Contact is a silly party game that tackles some serious issues. Partner with everyone, find new ways to make physical contact, act out unpredictable quirks, and try to guess your friends' quirks.

Tags: Comedy, Relationships, Non-narrative



by Thomas Gallecier

(Live-action Role Play)


Conventioneering is a satirical pick-up-and-play freeform game in which 2 to 8 players take on the role of strangers discussing various topics while waiting in line to an event, or unwinding in the lobby of their hotel after a long day at the con.

Tags: Comedy, Everyday life, Meta


by Matthijs Holter

(Live-action Role Play, Tabletop Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


In this game, love doesn't exist. Good luck with your relationship.

Tags: Serious, Relationships


Do It for the Music

by David Berg

(Tabletop Role Play; LARP is never mandatory, but will be present to taste)


As a member of a new improv-heavy jazz-rock band, can you achieve your personal musical vision, while helping your band cohere into a successful or even hot act? Get ready for band meetings, secret votes, and playing out performances using unique narrative techniques.

Tags: Comedy, Everyday Life, Relationships, Art, Teamwork, Quest


Don's Secret

by Guilherme DR

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live], Fiasco-like)


Don has a secret, a terrible secret. By the end of this meeting the secret will change everything, that is, unless you do something about it. You all had a week to prepare, was it enough? A game about defining characters while overcoming challenges in less than an hour.

Tags: Serious, Comedy, Relationships, Mafia


Dream Bear

by Emily Care Boss

(Live-action Role Play)


A group of people come together to talk about and play out their dreams. Each person in the group is having recurrent dreams that involve a bear. Play this brief, live-action, freeform game in two hours or less. For three to six players.

Tags: Everyday Life, Surreal, Metaphysical



by Will Emigh

(Live-action Role Play, Tabletop Role Play)


A brief sci-fi game about a crew trying to stop an assassination while slowly regaining their memories. Gameplay is fast and story-based, shifting between the present (peace negotiations) and the past (memories).

Tags: Serious, Comedy, Amnesia, Science Fiction, Relationships



by Jonathan G. Cook

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live], Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants])


A brief sci-fi game about a crew trying to stop an assassination while slowly regaining their memories. Gameplay is fast and story-based, shifting between the present (peace negotiations) and the past (memories).

Tags: Serious, Comedy, Everyday Life, Relationships, Many things (potentially)

Glitch Iteration

by Jackson Tegu

(Live-action Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live], Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants], Board game)


Every player portrays iterations of someone named Uri, incorrectly loaded into an artificial world: a "Reallike" of the historical period 2014 or thereabouts. The game features cards describing shards of Uri's memory or questions to pursue, and also features concern about whether or not you, personally, are the real Uri - or if you're a glitch - or if you're a virus.

Tags: Amnesia, Science-Fiction, Non-narrative, Surreal, Metaphysical


Group Date

by Sara Williamson

(Live Action Role Play)


Group Date is a game about disparate (and, at times, discordant) personalities looking for love. A quick personality quiz sorts the players into teams, who then play out a series of three short dates--with a twist. Group Date is meant to be a quick, accessible and lighthearted freeform larp.

Tags: Comedy, Dating, Everyday life, Relationships

Hard Days

by Johnny Garcia

(Live Action Role Play)


A group-created eulogy for a made-up person that results in a tangible artifact to represent that person.

Tags: Serious, Survival, Zombies


HERE LIES___________

by Tracy Barnett

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


HERE LIES _________ is a collaborative eulogy building game that will result in the creation of a permanent artifact honoring the departed.

Tags: Serious, Ritual

Hibernation Agents

by Orion Canning

(Tabletop Role Play)


Hibernation Agents is a game for 3 to 6 players about capable agents awakening after hundreds of years into a strange world. Inspired by the comic series Prophet, it tells cinematic sci-fi stories of not quite heroes navigating surreal alien landscapes with only their instincts and wit to guide them.

Tags: Serious, Amnesia, Science-Fiction, Survival, Military/Warfare, Espionage, Relationships, Surreal



If I Were President

by James Stuart

(Live-action Role Play)


The year is 20XX. The presidential debate is at hand: do you support rights for sentient toasters? How about time travel research in order to save endangered species? Play presidential candidates, media handlers, and just hard-working citizens deciding whether to blow up the moon to stimulate the economy.

Tags: Comedy, Science-Fiction, Surreal


by Rickard Elimää

(Vignette Play)


Are you a person who daydreams about what other people are like? Imagine giving them depth by creating their memories and desires. Imagine how that will shape their journeys through life. Just ... Imagine.

Tags: Everyday life, Relationships, Non-conflict based collaboration http://www.urverkspel.com/vara-spel/oevriga-projekt

Interstellar Diplomacy

by Nick Wedig

(Live-action Role Play, Tabletop Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


You have one hour to negotiate a peace treaty before the assembled alien armadas go to war, killing you and everyone else on this backwater little planet called Earth.

Tag: Science Fiction


Jerky Jousters

by Scott Slomiany

(Tabletop Role Play)


The king has decided to celebrate the realm’s 100th birthday by having a grand tournament, and the call has gone out throughout the land for all of the greatest and powerful knights to come and joust for wealth and fame! HUZZAH! What he wound up with was a bunch of jerks.

Tags: Comedy


by J. Li

(Live-action Role Play, Pervasive (intermixed with activity by non-participants), Stylized Play)


a short ritual of dramatic identity Tags: Serious, Fantasy, Non-narrative, Myth, Ritual, Environment-Inspired



by The Kipferl Collective

(Live-action Role Play)

You've lived a successful life, but now you wonder whether it was the right one. So you registered for Lifechanging, a service which lets people swap lives. Talk to others. Think whether their life is better. Finally, decide whether to keep the life you have or become someone new.

Tags: Science Fiction, Everyday Life

Magicians of the Cool

by BeePeeGee

(Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants], Free-form semi-LARP)


Players perform "magical" gestures based on four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Defeat evil princess Preiaya to save dear friend Donzo the dragon. This is a free-form, semi-LARP game. Have fun watching i.e magicians of the "School of Voluptuous Eruptions" perform fire magic, demonstrating gestures of sexual prowess!

Tags: Comedy, Linear Story, Fantasy, Ritual, Magic

One Night Out

by Michael Meinberg

(Live-action Role Play)


One Night Out is a game of dramatic improv, using playing cards as a mechanic for character development and interaction, and focused on real people in real circumstances.

Tags: Serious, Everyday life, Relationships


by Christian Griffen

(Live-action Role Play)


Patchwork is a game about siblinghood, played in scenes of light and heavy events in a family's life. The game includes warm ups and physical safety markers to promote a safe space in which players can open up and play with honesty and vulnerability.

Tags: Serious, Everyday life, Relationships

a quiet place in hell

by Evan Torner

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


The bad news? You've died and gone to Hell. The good news? You get to buy yourself some peace & quiet from the torment. But not all places are created equal. 3 to 9 players tour – and attempt to buy – houses in the afterlife. Dark humor.

Tags: Comedy, Linear Story, Everyday Life, Surreal, Metaphysical


by Steve Segedy

(Live Action)


In a massive electronic waste heap in Ghana, sentient robots struggle to survive and understand their new lives. RESTART is a live-action role-playing game about these robots, designed to be played in 2 hours by 3-9 players in an open space. Everyone will take on the role of a machine or a human, with a few players acting as facilitators as well.

Tags: Serious, Science Fiction, Survival



by J. Walton

(Tabletop Role Play)


Restless is a game for 3-8 players about a group of survivors being hunted through the abandoned ruins of the world by a monstrous, unyielding horde.

Tags: Horror


Rose Tattoo

by Kamil Bartczak and Laura Jankowska

(Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants])

Rose Tattoo is a story-focused scenario about non-conformist characters who are suffering consequences of their live choices. Players are creating their stories, with its rises and falls, which led to the current situation. In each case, the character's story will also consist of some personal, important thing that keeps him on course, represented by his tattoo – an anchor (important thing in life) or a rose (true love). Tags: Serious, Everyday Life, Relationships



by Jason Morningstar

(Live-action Role Play)


PRCV is a game about volunteers returning from 18 months of aid work in Burkina Faso. They wait in an airport departure lounge to be separated, maybe forever, and still have some in-country business to resolve. Some very terrible business they can't leave entirely behind.

Tags: Serious, Linear Story, Everyday Life, Relationships, Horror



by Agata "Świstak" Lubańska

(Live-action Role Play, Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants], nanolarp)


The engine coughed roughly and finally stopped. It took you a moment to realise you were stuck in the cold of the tundra, hours away from any civilisation. And the snow just doesn’t seem to help… "Snow" is a minimalistic experiment, a try to let players lead the action, with a very limited intrusion of the GM. Cars and intense feeling included.

Tags: Serious, Everyday Life, Relationships, Horror

Still Life

by Wendy Gorman, David Hertz and Heather Silsbee

(Live-action Role Play)


This is a game about relationships and their inherent instability due to forces beyond our control. Also rocks.

Tags: Non-narrative, Relationships, Metaphysical, Geological

There's a Fan Fic for That...

by Kat Jones

(Live-action Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


There's a Fan Fic for That... is a game about creating live action “fan fiction” stories. Set in alternate universes and crossing multiple canons the stories can be funny, romantic, or full of angst. Remain “in character” as your Characters are put into strange or ridiculous situations. Give feedback to the Author in your role as a Reader.

Tags: Comedy, Relationships

Top Secret Admirer

by Daniel Eison and Sam Zeitlin

(Live-action Role Play)

Top Secret Admirer is a [redacted] freeform game about seeking love and intrigue in the intelligence community. When your date has a security clearance—and maybe ulterior motives—they might be sizing you up as well as checking you out. Will you betray your loyalties? Or will your heart betray you first?

Tags: Dating, Espionage, Everyday Life, Relationships


by Juan Manuel Avila

(Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live])


It is a game about the deprivation of liberty. You and some friends will represent characters that cannot leave a place. You may imagine yourself locked up for some reason in the space you are now occupying, or think of other funny or dramatic situations.

Tags: Serious, Comedy, Linear Story, Relationships



by Jason Cox

(Live-action Role Play, Mixed or Semi-live [part tabletop, part live[, Semi-pervasive [intermixed with non-participants])


Troupe explores the nature of collaboration, both in terms of what we are capable of producing and of the ways in which we mask or shape or identities to do so. Players take on the role of members in a performing troupe and acts alternate between "on stage" presentations for an audience and "off stage" encounters that put members in conflict with one another.

Tags: Serious, Linear Story, Everyday Life, Relationships


by Joanna Piancastelli

(Live-action Role Play, Pervasive [intermixed with activity by non-participants])


You were superheroes who screwed up big time, though you don’t remember it. No one does. Reality was altered and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never did. Now it’s trying to reassert itself. Will you leave the world like this, or change things back?

Tags: Serious, Linear story, Amnesia, Superheroes, Relationships


[Your Game Here] by [Your Name Here]

by Mike Young

(Live Action Role Play)


In a city where people ______________, _________________ have taken over. Can you ______________ the _______________ before it is too _______________? In [Your Game Here] by [Your Name Here], players create the salient details of the scenario in a Mad-Libs style fashion before runtime. This is a theater-style 2-hour larp.

Tags: Comedy, Surreal