2015 Submissions

Here's a list of the games submitted in 2015. Links are made available for those games which the creators gave permission for us to share.
Golden Cobra Anthology 2015
Golden Cobra Flier 2015

The Affliction

by Jeffrey Dieterle

(Freeform larp)


A short game exploring the intersection of medical anxiety, illness, and interpersonal relationships.

Tags: Serious, Medical, Health

Anything Helps

by Matt Bohnhoff



A single player story game where the player creates the diary of a homeless person. It is played on a street corner using the vehicles that stop at the intersection as a randomizer.

Tags: Single-player, Outdoor, Homeless

As we know it

by Alex Carlson

(Freeform larp)


As a human survivor of the alien invasion, what is your fate? What is the fate of your fellow survivors?

Tags: Apocalyptic, Texting, Isolation

Before You Leave

by Khelren & Steve Jakoubovitch

(Freeform larp)


A 2-hour-long game for two players about grief, communication and the memories that remain after you've lost someone.

Tags: Memory, Ghost, Communication, Love

Website: https://www.patreon.com/Khelren


by Laurel Halbany

(Freeform larp)


BETTER is a freeform game meant to explore themes of group dynamics, social pressure, and consensus reality. Each player is part of an experiment, testing a new therapy protocol that allows group opinions to shape individual reality.

Tags: Gestalt, Interpersonal, Conformity

Website: http://www.neverjaunty.com/blog

Beyond the Wall

by Kirsten Hageleit



A physical larp about life, memory, and the (re)construction of self.

Tags: Emotional, Physical roleplay, Character building

Website: http://www.livegamelabs.com/about/kirsten-hageleit/

Blessed be the Host of the King of Heaven

by Tayler Stokes

(Freeform larp)


Blessed Be the Host of the King of Heaven! is a freeform larp that follows the aftermath in Heaven after Lucifer's fall. All players take the role of Angels who will decide what happens what is to be done through mechanics that limit how the Angels may discuss the situation at hand.

Tags: Voice, Stature, Authority, Exclusion

Celestial Bodies

by Nicolas Hornyak

(Freeform larp)


Celestial Bodies is an abstract freeform larp about the relationships between astronomical objects sucheck as stars, planets, and more--all of which can never touch, lest they face destruction. Players explore individual metaphors in an extended dance for 30-60 minutes as they do so, in a collaborative intimate environment for up to four players.

Tags: Space, Mythology, Abstract, Non-touch

Website: www.nicolashornyak.com

A Crow Funeral

by Tim Hutchings

(Freeform larp)


Opinionated crows debate a murder-mates death during a game about frames of reference and touching hands.

Tags: Crows, Debate, Short

Website: Plagmada.org


by John Yanush

(Freeform larp)

http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/2015/Dessert-FreeformGamebyJohn Yanush.pdf

Dessert is a simple free-form game, that shows how important friendship is, and how much energy and care is needed to maintain this relation or cultivate it to grow.

Tags: Friendship, Advance, Teams

Drink Me

by Betsy Isaacson

not eligible for awards



Three mysterious travelers, all hailing from Victorian London, run into one another at a place of great power and mystery -- the famed Cave of Elixir. Within the cave there are six potions, which could perhaps grant their deepest desires, and they all seem heedless of any price they might have to pay.

Tags: Dark, Weird, Victorian


by Vivian Abraham

(Freeform larp)


As four teenagers in a dystopian future, you have lived your lives in fear and ignorance. Now, on the day on which the authority will determine your fate, you have decided that it is time to start making your own choices. But in a world where the truth is hidden, can you trust each other?

Tags: YA Dystopian larp for new gamers

Exclusive Listing

by Jesse Coombs

(Pervasive game/Public play)


Exclusive Listing is a heartbreaking game of buried feelings. We see scene of a couples imagined life that never will be.

Tags: Heartbroken, Fantasy, Real estate

Website: https://www.google.com/+JesseCoombs

Faerie Circle

by Emily Asmann

(Freeform larp)


A freeform game for building empathy.

Tags: Empathy, Marginalization, Queer, Fantasy

Fight Truck

by Rose Danger Lalonde



Fight Truck is a game about taking your fate away from the people who would control you and then chucking it in the back of a rented U-Haul. Written for queer folks, by a queer lady.

Tags: Experimental,Dangerous gender magic

For a Long Time I Would Go to Bed Early

by Michael Such

(Freeform larp)


An American Freeform about memory, empathy and sensation inspired by Proust's "In Search of Lost Time." Players stitch together memories of their lives into one using improv inspired storytelling and movement.

Tags: Memory, Sensation, Storytelling, Realistic


by Piotr Duda-Dziewierz

(Freeform larp)


Fragments is an abstract family drama about a child and two parents, one of whom gradually succumbs to a deadly disease. Played in reverse, the three different viewpoints create the story about what happened.

Tags: Everyday Life, Serious, Relationships

Website: http://alexandria.dk/english#adayattheoffice

Gone but Not Forgotten

by Josh Fox

(Freeform larp)


Gone but not forgotten is about ghosts, people who died with major issues unresolved. Now they are trapped in limbo, haunted by the emotions that dominated their lives - and that is where they will stay unless they can achieve closure.

Tags: Emotional, Improvised, Atmospheric, Relationships

Website: http://www.blackarmada.com

Guiding Light

by Shawn Stokes

(Freeform larp)


Guiding light is an American freeform style game about depression that is meant evoke thought and empathy for the daily struggles that depression causes sufferers.

Halloween Survival Guide

by Jay Treat

(Freeform larp)


Halloween Survival Guide is a freeform game you can play while you greet trick or treaters on Halloween... and at no other time. Children are people-eating monsters and reveal their true appearance only on Halloween, when they stalk the neighborhoods for prey. Candy is the key to surviving this dangerous night, but it has weird and powerful effects on our emotio

Tags: Halloween freeform emotion layer

Website: TreatGames.com

Her Inner Dead Ends

by Francesco "Rugerfred" Sedda and Francesco Zani

(Freeform larp)


Her Inner Dead Ends is a freeform larp scenario for two players taking the role of two users of an online community dedicated to a fictional multimedia franchise that is closing and focuses on their first live meeting

Tags: Community, Fandom, Meeting, Online, Memories

Website: https://it.linkedin.com/in/rugerfred

Here Comes A Candle

by Laura Wood

(Freeform larp)


A resistance group against a totalitarian dictatorship have until dawn, one hour, to decide which of their members will die. A story about love and duty.

Tags: Survival, Dystopia, Love, Duty

Website: http://worldsofnote.blogspot.co.uk/

Here. Me. Now.

by Venn Wylde

(Freeform larp)

http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/2015/HMN-1-col-3.for submission.v3b.pdf

here. me. now. is an empathy game with weighty subject-matter; despite its focus on traumatic experiences, playtesters call it "fun, not heavy." Players explore scenes through whole-body listening and appreciative movement to develop insight and connection with each other.

Tags: Movement, Empathy, Storytelling

Website: http://www.specialsnowflakegames.com


by Johnny Garcia

(Freeform larp)


ICU is about connection and empathy. Two characters are going to have a important meet, but each one is controlled by two players

Tags: Empathy, Connection, Mirroring

Website: Jonnyggarcia.wordpress.com

In the Dark

by Clinton Dreisbach



In the Dark is a freeform live-action interrogation game for four players. It is about how the line between truth and lies breaks down under pressure.

Tags: Crime, Claustrophobia, Truth, Random elements

Website: http://dreisbach.us

It Was a Very Good Year

by Scott Slomiany



Only by retelling stories from earlier in their lives can residents of an old folks home be transported away from what remains of their frail existence.

Tags: Elderly relive memories

Just a Little Peril

by Nathan Hook

(Freeform larp)


Someone makes a small but perilous request of the person who loves them. Maybe we coud have just a lilttle peril?

Tags: Relationships, Awkward conversations, Kink

Website: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/NathHook

Just Lunch

by Heather Silsbee

(Freeform larp)


Just Lunch is a game about how three women navigate fading friendships, societal expectations, and social anxiety during one 60-minute lunch.

Tags: Anxiety, Women, Relationships, Conversation

Website: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105972000481005238024/posts

The Lofty Beacons

by Jonathan Walton

(Freeform larp)


One or more crews of 2-4 players serve on unlit mountaintop warning beacons for several years, dealing with a variety of situations in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Tags: Post-apocalyptic, Mountain, Service, Multiple groups

Website: jwalton.media

The Loss

by Patryk Stryjewsk

(Freeform larp)


Game about tragedy and mourning in human life. Drama in five acts.

Tags: Mourning, Loss, Parenthood, Life

Lost Genius

by Ben Peter "BeePeeGee" Gellar

(Freeform larp)


You are full of world-class potential — yet life has placed you far away from your true talent. Will you find back to your real destiny?

Tags: Talent, Destiny, Social drama, Slice of life

Making Up is Hard to Do

by Jessica Giardino

(Freeform larp)


Making Up is Hard to Do is a game that focuses on communication in a loving relationship. Using touch in a unique manner it explores what is said, what is meant and how those differ.

Tags: Communication, Emotional, Touch


by Alan Silva

not eligible for awards

The Other Place

by Banana Chan

(Freeform larp)


A mirror traps children in another world and turns them into spirits and the only way for them to escape is by taking the place of another child. The players take on the characters of the children.

Papier Mâché

by James Mullen

(Freeform larp)


This is a game for four players that explores the agenda of newspapers, the stories they print and what happens when the truth conflicts with the personal values of those involved in making the story public.

Tags:Newspapers, Truth, Responsibility, Role-change

Website: http://groundhoggth.blogspot.co.uk/

Post Modern Kamikaze

by William Robinson and David Calvo

(Freeform larp)


A rule-set for producing a poetic ballet in discrete movements. The only thing unknown to you is your allegiance, as you take part in the government practice of sowing fear to legitimize power.

Tags: Physical, Abstract, Experimental, Postmodern

Red Headed Stepchild

by Dax Tran-Caffee

(Freeform larp)


Keep the Red Headed Stepchild excluded from your clique by complimenting her on things that are true about her, but are hopefully untrue about you and your friends. Stay chic by discarding your passé clothing; win by forcing your friends into exile; shoot the moon by Giving No Fucks.

Tags: Compliment, Backstab, Strip, Excluded

Website: failingsky.com


by Devon Apple

(Pervasive game/Public play)


Bored surveillance camera AIs pass the time with games, while trying to preserve their identities from the next reboot. It is a game of "I Spy with My Little Eye" and "Wizard's Duel" where the object of the game is ultimately to distribute as much of your own code as possible.

Tags: AI, Surveillance, Competitive, Imagination


by Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyaliogliu

(Freeform larp)

Golden Cobra Submission: http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/2015/Sign-KathrynHymes-HakanSeyalioglu.pdf
Most Recent Version available at: http://www.thornygames.com/sign

Sign is a game about being understood. It's a non-verbal larp exploring deafness and the origins of Nicaraguan Sign Language for 4-5 players lasting 2 hours.

Tags: Language, Silent, Freeform

Website: http://www.thornygames.com/

Singing Clay

by Guilherme DR

(Freeform larp)


An experience about Autism for neurotypicals. Clay Golems searching for their holy word while singing.

Tags: Autism, Golems, Music

Website: facebook.com/paperdicegames

"Something to Drink With that, Sir?"

by Evan Torner

not eligible for awards

(Freeform larp)


Being a flight attendant means controlling your emotions or losing your job. Experience why we should consider service work to be real work.

Tags: Social Realism, Meta, Gender, Work

Website: http:///guyintheblackhat.wordpress.com


by Mikolaj Wicher

(Freeform larp)


Short game about how a family deals with otherness of the Child.

Tags: Drama, Modern, Realism

This Folks at the Dinner Table

by Eduardo Caetano

(Freeform larp)


This Folks at the Dining Room is a bittersweet larp about tastes and goodbyes. Francis is leaving for good, so we are at this farewell dinner to say our goodbyes and know each other better than we wold wish...

Tags: Bittersweet, Dinner, Departure

Website: https://www.patreon.com/EduardoCaetano


by Eva Schiffer

(Freeform larp)


A game about romance and agency for two players who have never been in a real-life romantic relationship with each other.

Tags: LARP, Freeform, Touching, Romance

Website: http://www.1000d4.com/

The Tongues of Our Ancestors

by Mo Holkar

(Freeform larp)


When a nation is conquered, will its language survive? Play out scenes down the generations to find out: will the tongues of our ancestors still speak in the mouths of our grandchildren?

Tags: Indigenous peoples, Conquest, Language, Episodic, Scene-based

Website: http://uk-freeforms.wikidot.com/mo-holkar

Too Much Slap on the Ecaf

by the Countess Dillymore

(Freeform larp)


In 1930s London, queer men encounter each other in public places and find ways to explore their desires. Too Much Slap On The Ecaf is a bittersweet game about sex, intimacy and forgotten queer identities.

Tags: Queer, London, Sex, Love, London

Ugly Girl

by Jay Sylvano

Universal Donor

by Kira Magrann & Eric Mersmann

(Freeform larp)


A game about broken robots trying to fix themselves.

Tags: Robots, Playing Cards, Mechanics, Staples

Website: https://payhip.com/b/HWXJ


by Melina Cunelius

(Freeform larp)


Voices is part a psychodrama and part a freeform larp about a common symptom of mental disorders. It gives people a chance to see and feel what it is like to go on in life while hearing voices.

Tags: Psychodrama, Slice-of-life, Insanity

Waiting for Slenderman

by Jacqueline Bryk and KN Granger

(Freeform larp)

Large Text: http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/2015/Waiting%20for%20Slenderman_JacquelineBrykandKNGranger/LARGE%20TEXT%20Waiting%20for%20Slenderman_JacquelineBrykandKNGranger%20-%20Google%20Docs.pdf

A game about the known, the unknown, and the imagined - as well as the power of creepypastas.

Tags: Horror, Suspense, Halloween

Websites: https://patreon.com/kngranger


by Wendy Gorman

(Freeform larp)


Finding warmth in comforting rituals, such as knitting and food.

Tags: Knitting, Abstract, Comfort

A Way Out

by Loris Casagrandi

(Freeform larp)


Play a member of a group who is not more comfortable in the group status quo. Change yourself by fighting back bad habits and social pressure.

Tags: Group, Anxiety, Coming out

Website: https://designdrill.wordpress.com/

The Woods

by Danielle Goudeau

(Freeform larp)


A collaborative game about two travelers lost in the woods and the nature of fairy tales.

Tags: Cooperative, Fantasy, Story Telling

Website: https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/8A7zu

Written by the Victors

by Epistolary Richard

(Freeform larp)


Erin and Umia have been at war for a century. The final ten years of the war were a lengthy and painful road to peace between the two peoples. In this game we will write the history of the road to peace. We will write this history five times, each time at an increasingly distant periods from the events themselves, and each time the history will be different.

Tags: History, Historiography, Politics, Society

Website: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/8764/Epistolary-Richard?term=Epistolary+Richard

You Do (Not) Belong Here

by Michael Meinberg

(Freeform larp)


You Do (Not) Belong here is a game of bureaucratic politics, where the people involved do not always have the confidence to push forward their agenda. But they must somehow find solutions to the problems they face, or else the Arts Center might be closed for good!

Tags: Meetings, Social anxiety, Dice


by Nathan Harrison

(Freeform larp)


Zeitgeist is a freeform game of limited communication, invented meaning, and the revelation of secrets, played out in the form of a seance. One player becomes the spirit-medium, speaking for the dead in reply to other players' questions, but constrained to converse using only a procedurally-generated corpus of responses.

Tags: Communication, Meaning, Mysticism, Secrets

Website: http://www.orbis-tertius.org/